Nature in the heart of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Nature Days offers forest school classes for children in Prospect Park. Sunshine, raindrops, trees, plants, and animals all provide opportunities for the kids to lead the way — learning, creating,  exploring, and discovering outside


Our Philosophy

Nature provides an expansive outdoor classroom that inspires and excites kids to move, create, explore, discover, question, and engage with each other. Fresh air, open spaces, the quiet and calm pace, and a landscape of trees, plants, and living creatures offers a freedom and wonder that is unmatched, especially in the heart of a city. Exploring outside is safe and builds confidence, independence, and competence.


2019—2020 Preschool Alternative

Deadlines Approaching

Our classes are a brilliant way to provide an alternative to preschool for children outdoors in New York City. Our classes begin in September 2019 and run through mid-June 2020. Committing to our full year program guarantees your child a space throughout our fall, winter, and spring semesters, as well as a discounted tuition over enrolling by semester.


Spring 2019 Semester Afterschool Classes

Deadline Approaching

Our classes allow children the freedom to actively learn while regularly immersing themselves with nature in the heart of Brooklyn. We pick them up directly from school and dismiss them from the park at the end of class.